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Listing Your Site With 123khoj


What is the Submit Express service?
Indiabook's Submit Express Service was designed to ensure that your site is reviewed in a timely manner. Your payment ensures that our editors will review your site and consider it for inclusion in the directory.
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What does Submit Express guarantee?
Indiabook editor will evaluate your site for including in the directory within the given time frame. This guranteed time does not include weekends or holiday periods. You will receive email notification once your site has been listed in Indiabook Web Directory within the specified time frame. Once you submit, there is no need to submit your site again.
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Will I be notified if my site has been accepted or declined?
Yes. Indiabook will provide email notification for all paid submissions.
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What do I need to do to qualify for a refund?
Yes. If your submission is not approved by Indiabook Editors, you are eligible for a refund.
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Can you tell me what your site submission guidelines that Indiabook Editors follow for selecting sites.
We never include:

  • Pornography or adults-only sites
  • Sites with pornographic or adult advertising
  • Sites that promote/disseminate illegal activities
  • Sites that are not in English

We only submit the sites in Indiabook Web Directoy which are rich in original content and which are relevant to the work. Basically we submit only those sites which are of high quality, up-to-date, accurate, site navigation is easy, fast to load, interactive, interesting and which are very uselful to consumers and surfers.
The reasons for the above guidelines should be fairly obvious. They are primarily for your benefit not ours. The bottom line, however, is that we reserve the right to determine what will, and will not, be accepted to our directory. Please read our Guidelines for further clarification.
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How do I locate my listing?
If you are having difficulty locating your site, kindly contact for getting help in finding your listing in MegriSoft Network.
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When will my site be listed?
Your site will be reviewed within a specified time frame and will be listed when payment is recieved.
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Can I list my site in more than one category?
If appropriate, you may add your other URL's also in Indiabook. We will consider your request. There is a $10 charge for each listing done. You can not have multiply listings with different names or site descriptions.
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What if my Web site is already in the directory?
If we receive a submission for a site that is already in the directory, we will review the site for changes in its content or services and update its description and/or its placement within the directory if necessary.
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I submitted my web site more than a month ago and it still hasn't been listed. Do I need to re-submit?
Maybe. Technical glitches do occur from time to time resulting in lost data. If your site was submitted in accordance with the guidelines outlined below and you still can't find it after 5 weeks, re-submission is likely in order.
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Whom do I contact if I have billing questions?
If you have problems submitting your payment form for processing and have not received an order confirmation, please contact your bank directly. If you have received an order confirmation from Indiabook and have questions about your order, please email us at for any query of yours.
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What if the URL or content of my site changes after it is listed in the directory?
As an Indiabook Submit Express Customer, we do allow you to suggest changes to our editors and our editors will change the content or URL of your site.
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How can I improve my placement in searches of your database?
We use a very user friendly, simply program to create, search, and maintain our database. No ranking of search results is performed. The program simply returns matches in the order in which it finds them. This gives preference to sites that have been in the database the longest. We can, of course, edit the database and move certain listings to the top. We happily do this for our Site Sponsors.
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Can I change the description of my site once it is listed in the directory?
Yes. Site descriptions are written at the discretion of the Indiabook editorial staff but if you want our editors can change description only when if the descriptions are factually incorrect.
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How do I check to see if my site is listed?
Search our database. Try a keyword search of your site name as submitted. If this does not return your listing, try searching by town and view all the results. To find your listing in the directory, follow the appropriate link in Web Directory and go through the directory pages to find your listing.
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Can I submit a temporary site?
No. High editorial standards require that all sites in the database be fully operating and functional. Please submit your site as soon as it is up and running.
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Where do I send my resubmission?
You can resubmit your site by filling in the Add URL Form.
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